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What is your routine for staying fit and healthy?

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Reading articles on how to stay fit and healthy is as far as I got... :/

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Alex Iskold 🗽

Aim to exercise first thing a day 7 days a week. In reality, ends up being 4-5 times a week. Mix of running (using, weights in the gym and yoga (not as often as I liked). Eat vegan food (last 2.5 years), quit alcohol 5 years ago, quit coffee, swapped it for Matcha 1 year ago.

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Daniel Waller (he/him)

For mental health, I (try to):

  • Stop coding (even on private projects) before 10pm.
  • Sleep. Minimum 7 hours.
  • Eat. 3 roughly evenly spaced meals per day.
  • Take intentional time off. Spend days with friends/family/books/your console away from coding/coding related stuff (yes even Also mute Twitter

For physical health and fitness, I:

  • bike everywhere < 20km away
  • go for a run 2-3 times a week
  • started doing yoga exercises targeted at back/shoulder/neck areas
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Isaac Lyman

I'm a little late to the conversation, but my company bought me a copy of Intuitive Eating and I really like it. It's a scientific, body-positive approach to healthy living and weight management. I highly recommend it to anyone who has trouble with yo-yo dieting, portion control, or negative feelings toward food and exercise.

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Amelia Gapin

Pretty much always being at some point in a marathon training cycle makes getting the physical activity in fairly easy. It’s been built into my daily routine for years and years now. It helps that I love running more than anything else.

I also try to drink plenty of water throughout the day and keep my diet reasonable. I’m not the healthiest eater in the world, but I try to have some moderation with what I eat so I can still enjoy the not-so-healthy foods I love while also making sure they’re only a small part of my overal diet.

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Andrew Rohne

I get up around 4:45 - 5:00 AM, drive to the office, and then go running in the very nice park across the street (my office has showers, fortunately).

My breakfast is usually some yogurt (with no sucralose/Splenda - I'm sensitive to the stuff) and my lunch is a salad and some pretzels. I generally avoid fast food and I don't eat out that often. I rarely drink pop/soda and I keep my beer consumption down to 1-2 on weeknights and no more than 4 on weekends.

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So, I have gone both ways in life: healthy and "not so good on my fitness and food habits" and I can honestly say that everything in moderation makes me feel good. I used to work out like an animal and 12 years later (and about a million miles on the eliptical machine), I had to have my hip replaced. I do yoga regularly, that is my go to for exercise. That's because I found out that it does the same magic as if I worked my ass off in the gym.

I moved from the city to the mountains. That made me feel wonderful inside and out. I pick my apples fresh off my tree (pears, too) and I quit working no later than 8pm. Everything can wait but time with your family will pass you by if you don't make the effort to be there.


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Hasheen DeBerry

My current workplace thankfully has a fitness room. Around the same time every day I go in there for ten minutes and walk on the treadmill. Just fast enough to get the heart going, but not fast enough to break a sweat because sweaty dev == sad dev.

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Muna Mohamed

I'm not one for working out but I do try and walk for at least an hour every day. Also going cold turkey on drinking coffee and fast food has helped me stay healthy. However, it's kinda hard to quit coffee after being practically an addict but here we are 😅

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Steve Lichtman

Lots and lots of yard work helps keep me in shape. I'm also constantly running around with my daughter and participating in all of her activities. Walks to/from school when weather is good.

It all adds up. Working from home makes it tough at times. You can fall into a rut really easy.

A couple of years ago I bought a fitbit watch and it's great for weeks when I know there's a chance of hitting those slow days to get me up and moving. I'm normally not a watch guy but as a tool it can be invaluable when I'm super busy to remember to get my ass outside and breathe in from fresh air.

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Stefan Dorresteijn

I practice wall climbing (bouldering) three times a week, play airsoft once a week and try to bike as much as I can. Started living like this last year and it greatly improved my physical and mental health.

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I try to do yoga in the morning before everyone else gets up, and maybe a short calisthenics workout before bed, doesn't need to be anything fancy. Best thing I've done lately is cut out sugar as much as possible, also I only drink water or black coffee.

The diet change has had the biggest benefit, I can't outwork a crap meal anymore 🤔

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Michael Brooks

I wake up at 5am, eat oatmeal porridge and get ready for my 6am Crossfit class. Do whatever workout they tell me to do and push it as hard as I can. Finish at 7am and then drink coffee and go to work.

I do this Monday to Wednesday, rest day Thursday and then same time on Friday. Saturday is slightly different as class starts at 8am and I do an 8am and 9am class. The 8am class is an advanced workout and 9am class is a team workout.

If my wife is away for business during the evenings, then I will go into an open workout and follow CompTrain or another workout.

Crossfit is easy for me, I can turn up, be told what to do and then just do it.

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Everyday: (=7d/w)

  • Sleeping enough (8-9hrs)
  • 3 * 30min of Walking
  • 30min Powerlifting
  • Good Posture / Avoid Sitting / Standing or Lying for Work
  • Eating my Veggies (1kg per day)
  • Breathing Meditations
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Incorporating cannabis into my regimen allows me regulate my body.

It makes eating easier on a regular basis, whether it's IBS or anxiety induced lack of appetite. It's way easier to knock out at night when my mind is buzzing with code when I can take a big hit of an indica and fall asleep. And it also helps motivate me past regular pain to do things like work out when I'm feeling a little sore, or knuckling down and cooking dinner instead of eating out.

It also helps immensely that there's little to no negative side effects to cannabis consumption for me personally. Coffee leads to a crash, alcohol causes hangovers (and brain damage) -- meanwhile I can smoke a bowl, get work done, and wake up the next day (or after a nap) feeling great.

Besides that it's the ordinary exercise often, yoga, and good food. It's all about listening to your body and being responsive, whether it's with sleep when you're tired -- or cutting back on coffee and sugar when you crash.

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Antonio Radovcic

I bike to work as often as possible (16km per day)
I started bouldering recently.
(I don't like team- or running-sports)

I eat everything, but do a couple of weeks of calorie-reduction when the kilograms get above 90. I manage to get down 0.5 kg a week and keep doing it until the discipline wears off.

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TMcSquared • Edited

As I'm not yet "working" and still am at home, I work out with my Dad during the weekdays and do yard work on Saturdays. I also try not to eat sweets during the week and typically only have meats, veggies, and minimal fruits.

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Corentin H. ⚡
  • Going climbing (indoor boulder gym) every other day with some friends
  • Workout (push-ups, squats, stretching — very important stretching — etc.) when I wake up
  • Use my electric skateboard or walk as much as possible instead of taking the car
  • Avoid meat at diner
  • Eat healthy and strong breakfast (usually some juice, eggs, bread and a banana)
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Otavio Tarelho

Everyday after work I go to the gym. I just put in my mind that I needed after having back pains constantly for months. Sometime I skip a day or another during the weekdays and during the weekend I go there too when I have time.

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Mónica Mayo Sánchez • Edited

I don't do fit but I try to be healthy. Last two years I started to drink different kind of teas: black with lemon, green, red, cinnamon, mint, etc with a spoon of sugar or honey. Now I get used to having it with no sugar at all. I'm in a process of quitting and starting a new job which will give me a few hours free in the morning. My desire is to start working out in the mornings and do yoga. The most important is I'm willing to have breakfast XP. I can walk a lot, on regular days my phone counts 8000 steps.

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Matt Graham

Depends on the week.

I have an Apple Watch purely as a motivator to get up from my desk and meet move goals. But all that does is help maintain my current health. (Full Disclosure: according to BMI, I'm morbidly obese. Even though BMI is BS, I'm still overweight.)

I'm a firm believer in that one diet does not fit all. Atkins, Keto (in its various forms), Juicing, WeightWatchers et al work for some, but not all. Do what works for you, and if you can't do that, check in with a dietitian. Whatever plan you follow, try and stick to it. Unlike me.

Get a gym membership. Have someone to rely on that will kick you in the butt when you're feeling unmotivated and vice versa. If you can afford it, get a personal trainer.

Now if I can just follow my own damn advice, I'd be in a better situation.

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Robin Venneman

Since I started doing CrossFit I try not to have too much of a fixed routine because the whole idea behind it is to do constantly-varied workouts and work on all aspects of fitness (that includes coordination and flexibility and agility etc.).

I currently train in a non-CrossFit regular gym where I also teach some kickboxing classes and I try to train about 5 times a week myself, and I try to mix it up between strength training (currently trying Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 program which is a 4 week cycle) and add some endurance / cardio or intervals (things like rowing, swimming, running, cycling) and metabolic conditioning workouts (metcons or high intensity workouts like most CrossFit WOD's).

Also do not underestimate the importance of good nutrition and sleep!

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Ghost • Edited

Be biggest thing I do to keep fit both physically and mentally is make sure I am leading a well balanced life. Working 12-14 hours a day is not healthy for your body or mind. Go outside in the evening or early morning and take a walk, go meet some friends, spend time with family and enjoy your life. I have been coding for over 30 years and I can tell you from experience coding is NOT your life (nor should it be). Once you find some balance in your life the physical and mental parts seem to work themselves out.

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Dustin King

I avoid injury and exposure to dangerous solar radiation by remaining indoors and moving as little as possible.

But seriously, I like to go for walks, but I've gotten out of the habit. I like to wander and explore, and I think I'm kinda bored with my current location.

As far as nutrition, I try to have some vegetables one or two times a day. Sometimes I try to watch my calories, but I only have so many f***s to give about that.

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  • Avoiding sugar and fast food
  • Walking to the office/back home
  • Daily walks and plays with dog

Want to do:

  • Hit the gym back
  • Get rid of coffee
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Why is the coffee bad?

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Not that coffee is bad. Amounts of it I drink are bad.

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John Forstmeier

Physical health:

  • morning lifting Mon/Tues and Thur/Fri (rest day in between and on weekends) with yoga in the morning on Saturday has become an absolute must in my weekly routine
  • macro counting food intake (although I don't do this as often anymore since my diet is pretty stable)
  • meal prep helps control what protein/carb/fat I'm taking in when I need it

Mental health:

  • cooking/preparing meals is super relaxing and interesting to get into; it's also something I've been trying to get better at and fits in with my meal prep needs
  • reading books for about 30 mins a day - it really helps me to just let everything else go and focus on the book (fiction or non-fiction); I typically read the majority in the morning but then include 10 or so minutes before bed as part of my "power down" routine
  • writing and refining a short story I've been very gradually putting together over the past decade but this is only when I really feel like it


  • I'd like to get into some more physical projects and work with my hands; the r/DIY makes me want to make all of the cool little widgets and things people build there
  • I live in Philly and we have the famous boat house row and I'd like to get into rowing at one of the clubs at some point
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Max Antonucci

Boxing at 5:30 most weekday mornings
Walking to work
Taking a walk after lunch
Bringing healthy lunches from home
Watching portion sizes
Eating slowly to avoid overeating
Eating out only 1-2 times a week

Most important of all, standing desk!

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John Stewart

Most of my dev career so far I've been pretty terrible about staying in shape. This year I decided to change things up a bit and get back to working out.

Things I try and do:

  1. Workout - I do Crossfit. I know, I'm one of those people. But I like it because I'm in a group of people. I don't have to do much thinking. I show up, sweat a lot. Leave. I'm not saying everyone do Crossfit but I do recommend finding a group activity to do. It's easier on the brain and you naturally will want to be there because of the group.

  2. Eat healthy - Eating healthy is everything, probably more important than working out. So take some time and identify some healthy foods you like and get into a routine around what to eat during the week. I try and eat about 5 times a day, 3 main meals then some snacks so I don't get hungry.

  3. Read - Try and read as much as you can. Keep working out your brain or really any activity to keep the brain working. Luckily with programming we do a lot of this already.

  4. Sleep - Figure out how many hours you need to be at your best each day and work very hard to get that number each night.

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John Paul Ada

I dance to K-Pop! :laugh:
We're dancing to this in the office gym:

Tell me you can resist this:
Nancy - Momoland

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Alex Lohr

Riding my bike to and from work (~17 km twice a day 4-5 days every week) is both fitness and meditation for me and carrying my 2 years old toddler (~13 kg) after dinner and over the weekends a lot can be seen as a very effective form of cardio-weightlifting.

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Much much squats, deadlifts and other basic strength training. Clean eating most of the time and recently started to walk midway to work.
Also doing bodyweight squats every hour or so in the office, so I dont look like a chair

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D. J. Pallotta

I try to take a daily 3-mile walk. I don't sit for very long periods during the day--more likely to do that when working evening hours. Low carbs, low salt, etc. Plus I try to pay attention to stress levels. If I need to find a quiet place to work, I'm lucky enough to be able to do that.

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Aswath KNM

The first 8mportant thing is not eating too much and junk.

  1. Limiting the food is the first step to healthy life .

  2. Excercise properly. Excersie or yoga with a proper mentor is better than self practice.

I think that's all for me

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Roberto Halgravez

Crossfit (5 or 6 days a week) and a healthy diet (visiting my nutritionist regularly) with cheating day on the weekends (so i don't get crazy eating only healthy food).

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Carlos Garcia ★

This, but I limit my crossfit to three days a week. I try to throw in some yoga or swimming the rest of the week.

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Sarah Bartley

I keep a monthly workout calendar where I schedule weekly workouts to do each day. I do a mix of strength training, cardio, and even a bit of yoga. My favorite workouts are on workout DVDs, but I also use a couple of workout apps as well as some workouts on a few channels on YouTube. I use a fitness tracker to see how many calories I burn during my workouts.

Besides the workouts, I just watch the portions of what I eat. I did Weight Watchers for a couple of years and now I'm using MyFitnessPal to help me track the calories I eat.

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Samuel Nitsche

I have a dog who wants to go out at least twice a day. Weather agnostic. Nothing else needed 😁

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Michael Cain

Brazilian Jui Jitsu and Muay Thai. I sweat my ass off learning how to fight. It’s the bomb.

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Andre Dublin

I tend to mix up strong lifts 5x5 app with speed jump roping or heavy bag punching twice a week. I also have a rock climber training board in my garage to help with my forearm strength.

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Lynne Finnigan

I go to classes at a local circus school, aerial hoop & handstands mainly!

Also go to the gym and try to walk around the city at lunch time.

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Woah, no one mentioned fasting in any form or kind?
I do that. I eat once a day, low protein, high fat, sugar and carb free diet.

Once a week I eat regular food (i.e. pancakes with maple syrup hashbrown and bacon), but still just once a day. Depending on my work schedule, most of the time Its 5-6 pm.

And I walk to work and back, its 4 miles but when I am not in a hurry I do it, most people would consider it too much.

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Yeong Sheng • Edited

I try to run 5k to 8k three to four times a week, first thing I wake up, after washing up and having 2 glasses of water. Sometimes injecting a swim once every 3 to 4 weeks.

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Jeffrey E. Uvero

I enrolled to a gym near in my place and I followed my meal plan (gave by my nutritionist in the gym)

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Strength training & YMCA basketball.

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Sean Walker

I walk my dog a lot

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HawiCaesar • Edited

W have stand up tables at our workplaces. I usually come in early and kick start my day and I stand for about 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours while working.

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Nicklas Reincke

What kind of shake?

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Erhan Kılıç

Eating healthy and weight training with cardio.

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Nahuel Jesús Sacchetti

I work from home. What I do is: code reviews + some meetings during a treadmill walk and healthy food (though it's very difficult for me because I love junk food). I try, at least...

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Arden de Raaij

Running, going to the gym and making it one of the most important routines!

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Ryan Haber

I used to have one. I'm adopting a runny, jumpy hound dog on Saturday. I'm hoping he helps me get up earlier and actually do things. :D