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What is an "old way" of doing things that it'd be surprising/interesting for beginners when it comes to software development?

As usual and expected, I keep accidentally learning things at work that are sort of a mind-blowing to me. The last one happened in a meeting in which a dev had to send over the changes they did in a file to some other dev in the call and I was intrigued to see that they ran a git diff command and piped the output to a file. I couldn't guess what they would do with the file, which was named changes.patch.

Then they said: "Just take this file and run a git apply on it and you're done".

The other dev replied: "Just like old times..."

I just observed while my mind was ...


The thing is that I study Git a lot and I knew that devs used to share files via email whenever they wanted to share changes with the team, but it was just surprising to see that the output of a git diff could be used like that.

With that, I was wondering what similar stories people have to share and whether they wished that's how things would be done nowadays or not.

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Ben Butler

This really is the first thing that came to mind for me, with the addition of localhost development with LAMP/PHP. I still just spin up Apache on an unused port on my Linux box for each project I'm working on, and edit my files locally. I sometimes hear "you can do that?"