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I grew up around popular science and sci-fi magazines and always loved reading about tech from a very early age. When I was 7 I came home from "vacation" to find my father had purchased a Tandy from Radio Shack. This was shocking to me, we didn't have any money for this. I spent hours and hours on it learning how to do things. Eventually, I pirated a very early version of Visual Basic and used the IDE to learn what things did what. This lead to creating some applications, websites, and even helping family members who were already in engineering positions within a few years. I never looked back and have known what I wanted to do since the day I wrote my first VB application.


Tandy was fun! My friend and I were able to get free Tandy parts that people were throwing away (this was in the days of windows 95, so Tandy was obsolete pretty much), and we loved messing with them :)

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