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wolfiton on April 09, 2020

Hi everyone Today I want to write about a subject close to my heart (all my articles are close to my heart) and also has some relevance with IT bu... [Read Full]
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The very first person who appears in the documentary is Napoleon Săvescu, a major proponent of various fringe historical theories collectively labeled "protochronism", which rose to local prominence alongside Romanian nationalism in the 20th century. Some protochronist ideas include that the Dacians invented the first alphabet and conquered Japan.

Protochronism is not taken seriously by historians in general, which, to the producers of the documentary, is an indictment of the discipline rather than an indication that they might be on the wrong track. Romania has a long and interesting history and has made many important cultural contributions to the world we live in now. This stuff is not that. This is one step removed from "Ancient Aliens".


I am glad you liked the article @dianfay.

I also wanted to add that a close person to Vatican(the secretary of the Pope) also admitted a few years ago that the Latin language is based on the Dacian Language.

Although the documentary may contain some historians that are not very well-liked, but the proofs from the ancient texts and also the 5 different methods that are used to prove our history are hard to contest.

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