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Conlin Durbin

A few things:

Science is, and has always been, political. Read about Henrietta Lacks, read about experimentation in concentration camps, or phrenology. All of those were "just science" in their times. Tech is no different. It's political. You're just going to have to accept that.

Secondly, this site is all about discussing practical, real-world applications of engineering. That's what "practical" means in "the practical dev".

It's not just "changing a word" - it's acknowledging that people in tech might be uncomfortable with that word, even if the origin isn't from "master/slave".

Finally, let's talk about this:

I'm afraid of having my field destroyed, you start changing the language then you want to change the rules, then you wanna to control everything and everyone....

Language changes. All the time. It's a key, defining part of language. Rules change. Society changes. It's not about control. It's about how we build and adapt the system so that everyone experiences the maximum possible comfort, not just those with the most power and influence.

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In addition to what's already been said, I'd recommend the following books 😊 They're really insightful when it comes to understanding how tech affects society, with examples of what has gone wrong or can go wrong.

Also articles:

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Marcell Cruz

Politics is about opinions and the only reason why you're ok with this is because is in line with YOUR opinion, Imagine if catholics and conservatives started making posts in this communitity would you be ok with it ? besides you do realize that people use this PR move to gain power not only that but in this case IT"S ONLY A PR MOVE, VIRTUAL SIGNALING BULLSHIT , I rarely see any black person advocating for these changes, my grandfather was a slave, an actual slave i"m feel disgust for people(mostly white folks but others too) using our history and our suffering to gain notoriety in the community, and in this case it's only that as people already point out in the comments, I'm not gonna respond anymore because I have REAL things to do things that REALLY matter, thanks for the responses though I'm gonna read it later and I hope you guys make a effort to see and consider these points next time