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I quite dislike classes in JS - I put together some of my thoughts on it here: MarxistJS. Basically, my problem with them is that they add a lot of problematic mental models for a new JS developer.

If you are coming from another programming language, you might expect classes to work the same way you are used to - which in many ways they do. But JS doesn't have real classical inheritance since it is a prototypical language. Using a standard function+object+prototype chain "classes" is a good way to learn how JS works, but hiding all that behind the class sugar is too much abstraction to me.

I feel like the addition of classes in JS was done to appease a very vocal minority and didn't take the consideration of what JS actually is.


I can't agree more. One of the more general problems of classes is that they are not what they seem to be if you came from other languages. Prototypical inheritance is much different from the classical approach to classes.

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