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I built a SaaS product for API management

Hi everyone :)

The idea of building a collaborative tool for API development occurred to me when I was working as a web full-stack developer. I felt we need a tool that serving the frontend and backend to work more closely, so I started building Dapi.

Dapi supply tools like openAPI editor, model visualization, and sequence diagram for the backend team to design API. One-click to deploy an API documentation site, plus a mock API server for the frontend team to do the API integration and review.

And this is a just start, stay tuned and let me know your thoughts, thanks 😁


Website url:

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wwayne Author

Thanks :)

Just starred ur repo. Currenly my mock server response is simply generated from user's openAPI document. I haven't figured out what's the best way for the integration, I will check more about that in the future, thanks for the suggestion.

BTW, I found this product in my previous investigation , not sure if it can give you some inspiration.

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Paddy Pang

interaction is perfect

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wwayne Author

oh thanks, I still keep improving that :)