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React avatar generator

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Hello :)

It has been a while for me to look for an avatar generator for my users that just signed up with an Email on the product.

Last weekend, luckily I found a new avatar template from the Figma community and I really like it at the first glance. So I downloaded the Figma files, writing code based on that. And now here it is, a react library for generating random but nice avatars, including an website for editing and preview.

I hope it helps for you guys :)

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myles_sicuro_ed809dfe036b profile image
Myles Sicuro

This is incredible. Would it be possible to turn this into an avatar creator. Giving the user the ability to choose rather it than being random?

mayinx profile image

Bro, that's a freakin awesome project - kudos!

hasnaindev profile image
Muhammad Hasnain

This is absolutely amazing!

rajeshkumaryadavdotcom profile image


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