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Discussion on: I feel trapped in my current position, please give me some advice

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Corey McCarty

That's a hard spot to be in. I sympathize with the feeling of being stuck.

I'd say that there are several issues here that are working against you.

  1. I expect that you are the only developer
  2. I expect that you haven't put together adequate documentation
  3. You are working for a friend and feel like you should stick through it with them.

Two of these are within your control.

The first thing that I would do is to work on improving your documentation throughout the code base. I like Using files in the base of the repo and in any major package/director to explain the overall function of that package/directory and what should be inside.
I would also work on adopting clean coding practices here as much as possible so that it's as easy as possible to read the code for someone that has no clue how it works. I would also put together usage documentation. It should cover everything necessary for getting the code pulled down and running.

The next thing that I would do is to try and hire a second developer to allow yourself to have off days. I'd pitch it as ensuring that the company can continue functioning if you were to get hit by a bus. It's a value to the company to make sure that you aren't a single point of failure for the whole thing.

Once you have these things in place you can work on training the other developer up and consider whether or not they could continue doing the day to day without you. If you wish to leave the company at some point you could be retained as a consultant. Through the life of a startup it takes different people to get things off the ground and to keep it running long term. These are different skill sets, and while you could learn to cover the long term support role, if it isn't something that you would enjoy then you should build an understanding with your friend that allows for you to pursue things that you find enjoyment in.

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JoelBonetR • Edited on

Perfectly explained.
A friend of mine was in a similar situation but it's a brother, not a friend and he got a good amount of shares of the company so now it's also he's company (at least in a percentile).

If you didn't got any amount of the company there's no reason to stick into it. Maybe it could be a way of getting motivated if you get an agreement with your friend to get a part of the company to stay in.

Also if you had your internship there and you built the thing up from a greenfield, chances are that some of the oldest parts of the project need a refactor (or tests if there's none or few) in which case you need to set up a daily time (through an agreement) to improve those obscure parts and proceed with what @xanderyzwich well said.