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Discussion on: Agency VS Product Company: Which One's Right for You?

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Corey McCarty

This gets even more hazy when compared to my experience. I'm more of a contract labor to the company where I am located. My employer is an onsite/offshore dev/support company and making it even more removed from your two concepts is the fact that neither is marketing software to an outside client. I'm developing enterprise software to manage data in a fortune 100 company and may work on the same application for years or be moved to another one once my work is done. I have learned to enjoy it. Both of the scenarios you describe are nice but very different than I'm accustomed to. This is a very diverse industry and I think that makes for the ability to make whag you want of your career.

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Alli Teration Author

Yes, there are companies out there doing completely different types of things than the two I talked about in the article. I haven't worked for a company like yours but I'm interested in hearing about what else is out there.