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Which 7 E-Commerce Data Sources You Must Scrape in 2021?

There is faster growth in the e-commerce business in the recent years. Nowadays, online businesses are expanding using data scraping. The COVID-19 pandemic has completely turned the retail businesses. There is a hike of 44% in the year 2020 in online shopping. Hence, it is beneficial for a business to invest in online e-commerce business and improve its online presence.

However, if the e-commerce marketplace merges with the retailers, it will be difficult to beat the competition. So, how to face competitors with the least efforts? Reviewing e-commerce data can be your partial benefit in receiving the upper hand for online shopping.

Inspecting several factors of customer’s behaviour on e-commerce websites can explore helpful insights to boost your e-commerce traffic to another level. The complete user data on the web can be devastating for anyone. A particular web data scraping service will help you to collect important data to gain all the necessary business insights.

Today, just having the right tool is not enough. You must scrape data using the right sources to create the most effective web scraping e-commerce projects. Data can be scraped using any e-commerce platform with great effect. There might be some platforms that are more protective than others. However, knowing the most advantageous data sources will truly improve the capacity of data extracting and analysis.

Let’s list out 7 e-commerce data sources whose data scraping is necessary for online retailers.

  1. Keywords and Ranking

Top ranking on search results is the best way to boost your product sales. But how can you ensure that your product is ranked on top? Every e-commerce algorithm consists of a ranking algorithm that will influence the order in which products are listed in search results. Ranking algorithms rely heavily on keywords for appropriate products. Data scraping keywords and the top-rated products disclose data patterns that are used to make the finest of the platform’s search purpose.

  1. Product IDs

A product ID is a unique identification code allotted to every product on an e-commerce website. Majorly, product IDs are unappreciated information sources. But, if utilized effectively, these are valuable resources. However, scraping product IDs along with keywords will allow data analysts to keep records of all the products, categories, as well as changes.

Another advantage of scraping product IDs is the capability of being updated with any changes. After plotting relevant information to IDs, any changes to descriptions, listings, and other details can be explored easily.

Additionally, mapping keywords, rankings, and IDs and tracing them all at once will reveal many observations into the search algorithm of any e-commerce platform. Importantly, e-commerce SEO policies can be exposed by simply following data sources.

  1. Best Sellers and Categories

Each e-commerce platform filters its products into various categories. Every category possesses its bestsellers. Business opportunities are revealed on basis of category performance, fluctuations, and rates. Real-time data of all the products coming in one category discloses customer feelings, common pain points, and chances to enter the market.

Bestsellers are the greatest option linked to categories. Scraping data on their keywords, customer ratings, and feelings, and other information can expose the reasons behind their performance. Then data can be sold to buy products with their descriptions and keywords. This will increase the chances of becoming a bestseller.

To become a bestseller, there are two necessary factors: The product and the marketing side. Scraping product details and ratings will give a better understanding of what will make an effective seller.

  1. Pricing

Dynamic pricing is one of the latest trends of the e-commerce industry. Importantly, a dynamic price model will allow businesses to provide flexible prices for products that are dependent on fluctuating factors like supply, demand, and conversion rates.

Applying dynamic pricing to your e-commerce business can be an effective way to compete in the market. The positive point of dynamic pricing is that it can automate your business. Scraping product prices can expose price fluctuations taking place in the market and affect supply and demand.

These observations could be used to develop Machine Learning algorithms that assist in pricing decisions.

  1. Reviews

Ratings and reviews are the most notifying factors of your product’s performance. Good reviews will not only help your item rank first but also marks a positive impression on buyers. Scraping product reviews is an efficient way to attract customers.

By using a special web scraping tool, you can highlight a particular aspect of the products that customers are looking for. Remember that, review scraping is not limited to product reviews.

  1. Categories and Efficient Sellers

As previously discussed, the e-commerce algorithm works in an unexplained way. One of the productive ways to make sense of them is by inspecting the product features at the top of the result. Scraping those products will assist in understanding how the product will become a bestseller. You can highlight these learnings and hike your product ranking.

7.Manufacturers and Suppliers

Collaborating with a genuine and reliable network of suppliers and manufacturers can give your business a new look. Moreover, it is difficult to scrape the supplier data by scraping e-commerce product details since almost all the sellers only mention the supplier’s name.

  1. Upcoming Best Sellers

The unique thing regarding Data Science is that it gives access to future opportunities. Several e-commerce platforms forecast which new products could be the bestseller products in town. Scraping these sources can deliver a summary of excellent insights revolving around the future industry trends and enhancing consumer habits. This will provide you enough time to plan future policies regarding business.

The above mentioned data sources are just a few of the possible sources to be scraped. Since all the data sources are necessary, it is mandatory to find certain data sources to optimize the proficiency of a web extraction project. Associating with a data scraping company like X-Byte Enterprise Crawling is the smoothest way to streamline web data scraping and analysis.


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