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Discussion on: 6 Commands you must know to be Productive on the terminal.

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Alexander Omorokunwa Author

Thank you very much for reading and your comment (highly appreciated).

As regards the abbreviated post with a "Read more" link, it was never my intention. I guess it has to do with RSS settings or configuration. I noticed that recently on the last 3 posts.

I've written to the "" admin on how it can be fixed (i.e. returned to the status quo).

As regards your observations:

Essential??? That sounds as personal preference to me.


  • touch does a very good job for creating files (especially when they do not exist, that's the point), and it works.

  • pwd -> depends on your definition of "modern friendly" OS, then what about the "unfriendly" OS?

  • CTR-L is the same thing with clear (more like saying "water" and "rain").

Thank you again for reading. Stay Awesome!