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Alexander Omorokunwa
Alexander Omorokunwa

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6 Commands you must know to be Productive on the terminal.

The Linux command line (CL) is a wonderful tool, that gives you power beyond normal point-and-click. With it you can unleash the full force of the open-source operating system for any purpose. Yet many new comers shy away from using it. Though it can seem daunting and intimidating at first, looking more like a no-go… Read More »

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Ben Sinclair • Edited

I was expecting the "Read more" link to reveal more content instead of linking me off to another site (that's what I expected the next link to do, but instead it's a duplicate).

Is that what you intended? It makes it difficult to comment or carry on the conversation here because that link might disappear, or people might not want to go to another site with popups, etc.

I will comment though on this arbitrary list: cd, ls, mkdir? Sure. But the rest?

touch isn't essential. I bet most people don't use it once in a day.

The touch command is used to create a file.

There are a million ways of creating a file, overloading touch to do it isn't even the most obvious. Touch is used to update the file access and modification timestamps, and creating a file if it doesn't already exist is just a by-product of that.

pwd isn't essential. Most people's default prompts have the path in them out the box on modern "friendly" operating systems.

clear isn't essential. You don't need to clear your terminal, really. Anyway, Ctrl-L is a shortcut that works in plenty of applications as well as terminals, and is arguably a better thing to learn. Or maybe reset.

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Alexander Omorokunwa

Thank you very much for reading and your comment (highly appreciated).

As regards the abbreviated post with a "Read more" link, it was never my intention. I guess it has to do with RSS settings or configuration. I noticed that recently on the last 3 posts.

I've written to the "" admin on how it can be fixed (i.e. returned to the status quo).

As regards your observations:

Essential??? That sounds as personal preference to me.


  • touch does a very good job for creating files (especially when they do not exist, that's the point), and it works.

  • pwd -> depends on your definition of "modern friendly" OS, then what about the "unfriendly" OS?

  • CTR-L is the same thing with clear (more like saying "water" and "rain").

Thank you again for reading. Stay Awesome!