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Discussion on: Terrible Interview Questions

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Shankar • Edited on

"If you had to choose any super power, which one would you choose?"

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There are so many that I would say no to but I had a tab with a pop-out video player and killed it (which crashed my browser). A snippet was

  • Immortality without infinite youth: infinite pain or infinite death
  • Infinite youth without immortality: "they died so young"

There was a lot more but the short of it was "infinite perceived life/memory is infinite suffering"; some stuff about military power and laziness in regards to teleportation and puppetry; some stuff about magic, how it's differentiated (eg Discworld, Harry Potter, Arifureta, Dr Strange, nanobotics a la Average Abilities); stuff about control of bodily and mental function (eg in psychokinesis, super-strength and so on) as well as loads of stuff about flight.

The short of it is "I would choose to be 'normal'. It's probably the greatest super power of all.".