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Discussion on: A message from Iran, asking for help on creating better proxies

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Rémy 🤖

At the risk of understating this, it's a fucking serious situation.

I'm trying to see what kind of options you have but I'm only going to talk about technology and have no idea what means are put in place to fight against this.

Low tech is probably best, the priority could be in establishing a working email relay. You probably already have the binaries for that. Those use files as sending pools, you can probably use USB drives to move emails around in a meshed way. Sign/encrypt them with GPG when possible. Also, put a lot of noise in there (fake/meaningless content).

WiFi sounds like a good option to establish a meshed network. The only issue is that it's very easy to spot WiFi networks. I'm thinking about 5Ghz WiFi networks because there is less compatible equipment so probably less scanners available also. I'm guessing that if you don't want to be easy to track down you need to produce a lot of noise on the same channel.

Satellite communication is probably harder to detect as it's a very narrow beam. Unsure about that but if you can have a directional antenna aiming at a satellite link you can probably get something. Unless the government ruled that out as well?

I'll post more ideas here if I have. I can also provide servers outside of Iran, so let me know if I can help.

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Sajjad Heydari Author

If you can run secure obfs4 tor bridges (that are hidden) please send them to me (or others you know) to distribute. Just don't publish them within the default registry, they'll be closed really fast then