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Yago Azedias
Yago Azedias

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Do you really hate frontend or just the traditional frontend development

Do you feel like that is a lot of backend developers that says: "Oh, I hate CSS" or "I was not made to deal with HTML" and you get the impression that they actually do not know how the web has evolved today? They really hate it or they just still think that frontend is a UX design that knows how to code?

If they have ever tried to use a framework like Angular or React (Modern technologies in general) that has more Javascript logic and more programmer's stuff, do you think that they would change their minds about the frontend?

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Mehdi Vasigh

Honestly, no. I think that most developers I've met who primarily do backend work and stay away from frontend web development don't like the rapid pace of change in the ecosystem and how complex it has become to develop client apps. You could have learned Java and SQL 10 years ago and still be making your money from it today, whereas you have to constantly keep up with the frontend JS ecosystem nowadays.

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River • Edited

to me it's not about the constantly keeping up with things, that'd be the whole programming field. Yes the java guys still make money, but they also have to learn modern dev ops and architecture, and FRP and what not.

Earlier in my career I used to hate css. I still don't like it but it's not my pain point these days, my main gripe is rather the fact that people in FE generally show very little regards to established programming patterns and have a tendency to just invent stuff. I do react mainly and redux is just crippled event sourcing and hook is just some weird way to solve cross-cutting concerns, and context is... not for inversion of control. Stuff like that make me want to switch to back-end.

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John 'BBQ' Wollner

I hate front end because of its twiddly nature and no matter what you do, the UI will never look the same across platforms and browsers. I hate the uncertainty of it lol

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Zachary Davis

While I certainly think that the modern JS frameworks are changing the front end landscape, there's still the fact that we have to write CSS and it definitely won't work in IE11 the first five tries.