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Discussion on: Is Free and Open-Source Software More Reliable?

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yaythomas • Edited

Claim: No enterprise company uses FOSS

This is one of those favourite bits of corporate propaganda, where between software vendors and consultants somewhere in the 80ies-90ies created this idea of "Enterprise" as an category. Looking at you here, IBM, Oracle & SAP.

As in "Enterprise" is for massive scale, big serious software. Also expensive, because those vendors and consultants gotta get paid the big money, right?

The reality? The web literally, by a massive massive margin, runs on open-source everything - from routers to web-servers to databases. And the scale that these web platforms run on is truly massive, measured in millions and billions.

Compared to even a big "Enterprise", that has maybe a few thousand concurrent users to worry about?

So that entire hobby-horse the anti-FOSS crowd has about "Enterprise" somehow being a marker of quality or scale doesn't stand up to even a minute of scrutiny.

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