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Discussion on: What are the core concepts that a new developer needs to know?

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file io is how you interact with the file system - so this is how you read & write files.

this is not a "fundamental" in the sense that the basic language constructs I mention are fundamental - although it IS pretty important! but there's lot of programming you do without necessarily working with files.

how exactly you do file io depends on your programming language - you will use an API to do this. most programming languages tend to have a built-in API to handle file io for you. So the IO operations exist as an API on top of the programming language structures itself, and very frequently you have different levels of abstraction.

For example: if you're using a JSON api it might well give you functions to load and save json from and to a file. Underneath this api will be a more fundamental api to work with filestreams directly, but if you use the abstraction layer on top you generally don't have to worry about the underlying mechanism.

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Tomi Adenekan Author

Thanks for explaining :)