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Experience of Hacker Community:MLH

yogesh0310 profile image Yogesh Gaikwad ・1 min read

Hey folks,

Today I'm going to share my experience with the hacker community, so guys you might be knowing many organization who conducts this programs, I've came across with Major league hacking community, as this is the second time I've been using and learning and contributing here, I'm glad to tell you that by just enrolling into this community, you not only learn the things but also you can develop many of the application and can get many insights from experts, I've experience the things which I'm telling, I've joined a guild attended the sessions and gain some knowledge on the technology which I've never touched to. And many things were there which helped me in my career like attending workshop and getting hands dirty on it was the best thing I've experienced, I'd recommend you all that join this community, you'd get all the knowledge and also you'd love it.

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