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Little drops on C# Interview questions - Intermediate Language

Little drops on C# Interview Questions series
The intention behind this series is to answer with a little bit of context or examples of some of the most common C# interview questions.

Today we briefly explain what is Intermediate Language

So .NET != C#? How it works then?

Precisely, I have seen many people getting this mistakenly, .NET is a platform for CLR languages to be compiled(Common runtime language), with this in mind to compile anything we have to think it into 3 steps:

Flow of C# Complilation

So IL is the half compiled code that is interpreted by JIT into machine code.

Why do I need to know it

If you are to specialize in something do it right and know how it works, not only for interviews, knowing one or two levels of abstractions besides your favourite language enables you to solve more complex issues in the future.

Ok, can I see the IL code?

For sure, the are many great tools to visualize and interact with IL, like:

  • ILSpy
  • LinqPad
  • dotnetfiddle
  • Feel more suggestions received by feedback
  • Also, IDEs usually have nice integrations, like Visual Studio or Jetbrains Rider my personal choice:

Example of Jetbrains IL Viewer in Jetbrains Rider IDE
Docs kindly suggested by Marcus Vinicius

To go deeper

This is of course just a brief introduction on the topic, for further reading I recommend:

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