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re: Thank you! If there's anything you think is missing. Please let me know.

There are some things I need to go through with people that you haven't covered, but this could easily be another post.

  • ssh keys vs username/password and deploy keys for servers - why use them

  • I go for rebase before merge as all our branches tend to be direct from master - I like to see conflicts resolved outside of master (even a local copy) - branches of branches tend to need better processes than beginners can handle

  • .gitignore - I let my team use whatever IDE they want, so ensuring their IDE specific files and also data specific files aren't checked in is critical - having a tensorflow checkpoint >100MB in your commit history is very painful when you try to push to GitHub ;)

  • never code directly into master and never force anything

Easily enough for you to do a follow up post :)

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