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Also I don't see books about database or database theory.

The Relational Model for Database Management (Edgar F. Codd). Is the classic book for relational databases.

C.J.Date is also an author of masterpieces in the topic.

With the advent of social networks, where the correlations of database write/read increased, NoSQL databases became popular. I would like to hear about the classic book there. Actually I did my first steps in this topic using the official docs of the different databases (Cassandra, CouchDB, MongoDB, Neo4J, BerkleyDB).

It was particularly interesting for me, the introduction of this book:Programming the Semantic Web. It shows the limitations of the relational database for systems that needs an evolving database and how graph database could handle it. It shows the example of a restaurant app, and evolves it from the relational model to a graph. One of such illuminating examples where you say: Aha ! I understand what it is this paradigm about.


I tried to keep the list applicable to all developers and I freely admit that there are entire topics I've missed. Databases, security, and architecture are just a few examples.

Thanks for adding your recommendations.

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