Discussion on: Using cpanm to Install Perl Modules in a Conda Environment

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Yozen Hernandez Author

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, but it was because I wasn't able to reproduce this myself. However, I managed to run into it on another system. I believe that the reason why you're having this issue is that I actually advised installing the wrong packages for gcc/g++ in conda. They should actually be:

gcc_linux-64 gxx_linux-64

as these packages also add scripts which initialize some environment variables needed to tell the compiler where the conda installed toolchain is. It just so happened that for me, in the environments I was using, I already had these packages installed.

After installing these packages, deactivate/activate the conda environment (or start a new login shell somehow and activate the environment) and then please try again. If it works, I will update the post.

Edit: reference: docs.conda.io/projects/conda-build...