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PopOS is amazing! i actually enjoy using it over mac and windows now, im at a point where im trying to figure out how to VM mac and windows inside popos wfor some work testing then just completely switch over!

its really not about the money but just the dev experience on linux vs windows, mac is pretty close without some customization and just overall being held to apples breaking changes.

if you like deving on windows don't bother trying linux imo, i really only switched to linux because i had performance issues on high-end hardware (yes those 15 inch macbooks are slow for how i work)

if you are on mac and have used command line stuff like 'cd' or 'mkdir' then just try popos if you are unsatisfied with mac.

The point of all this is to not switch to something cause one thing is "better" its just how to be comfortable while working and increasing efficiency and linux does that for me