I'm Live Streaming How To Build a Mobile App for Dev.to in Flutter with REST & GraphQL

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In this very first live stream session, I'll build yet another mobile app for the Dev.to community. The application will be developed using the Flutter framework. I'll integrate with Dev.to's REST API followed by the integration with the GraphQL endpoint provided by OneGraph. My goal is to have a simple article browsing by the end of it.

The live stream will start at 18:00 CET / 12:00 EST on Sunday, Jan 26th. Here's the link:

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Appreciations Zaiste. I'm glad I encountered this.
I did not quite understand the part where you used RxDart and GraphQL, and that's no fault of yours. I haven't studied them enough.

Thanks once again


Thank you for the kind words! To my mind the explanation could be better ;) There was a bit of questions and few unexpected issues that threw me off the path. I plan to record a separate video about that topic, so it's more clear.

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