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according the DOM count: how to properly handle situation when you simply have a lot of items to display? implementing fake scroller to render only the visible elements and remove from DOM these hidden ones doesn't work that well IMO, especially when all of them are still more or less interactive (multiple selection etc.)


You mean how does should a front-end engineer improve performance on a page with a high DOM count, or how does our test engine handle such huge pages?


I meant how to handle high item counts while keeping good performance/minimizing DOM count

Well, the most common solution is pagination. But if your designer fancies the infinite scrolling pattern, then as you said, rendering only visible content is a solution. The Chrome Dev Team proposed the <virtual-scroller> element youtube.com/watch?v=UtD41bn6kJ0 last year, which may be handy when if it becomes standard in the future.

Additionally, we can also check if there are redundant wrapper elements on the page that can be removed.

Thanks for the link.
It's not exactly infinite scrolling or anything like that, it's an app (kind of, browser extension), RSS reader to be precise, and just by importing my sources list and downloading currently available articles ir goes to over 3000 articles. Selecting "all feeds" surely renders quite a big list.
It's a legacy project I picked up since it was abandoned and cleaned up a bit, there was even an attempt at handling long lists better but it was actually working slower than naive list everything, approach and was glitching quite often. Currently performance isn't terrible but if there was some easy way to improve it I'd gladly use it, I'll do some more research in this matter to see what can be done.

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