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Discussion on: đŸ“ˆ I've open-sourced a simple Coronavirus (COVID-19) dashboard (React + Chart.js + BootstrapTable)

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Hello Oleksii, well done on building this. I haven't looked at the source.

My summary on this is we need more granular data on different pandemics and epidemics to let data experts on this site provide the results to people like you. Unfortunately the data this is based off of is from the WHO website - which is lacking granularity.

My major concern with Coronavirus is around the narrative being portrayed, the number of eminent epidemiologists who are stating things like; social distancing doesn't work, that the deaths are truly weighted towards vulnerable people, that the media puts out instances of outliers as major scare stories - i.e. a young woman who is healthy may succumb to Covid-19. Another suspicion I have is that the testing is different in different countries - I worked in a testing laboratory many years ago and there are different tests for the same virus. We may find certain tests being nothing more than generic tests for standard coronavirus or antibody presence. Notice how many famous people are testing positive but having mild symptoms and recovering almost immediately. More concerningly - Tom Hanks - as a diabetic he is in a higher risk and age group.

So, what we have is a lack of granular data. Am certain many data people on this website would agree, and I am seriously concerned from a libertarian perspective we are simply throwing away our liberty off of what is still a very low infection rate. There are always mis-classifications of morbidity in terms of dying "with" or "of" something.

Does it mean we shouldn't self-isolate or minimise contact? The first thing anybody will do is go on Google or Bing to find studies say. We know that Social Media giants are advised and proactive in trying to dispel bad science. If we look hard enough - we find a lot of studies into previous epidemics that counters what the official narrative is. The histograms does show significant numbers of experts questioning our approach.

So, what would be great is if we can get more insightful data on this. I plan to try and find some.

Many thanks.

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Dene Simpson

Exactly. If you have any luck please let me know and I will do the same.