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Nice article, I read through it and through the comments. But it should be called "Devs view of QA terminology" or something like that. I am scared for junior QAs reading this and thinking this is it.

I would add one more thing for all the starting in QA. As QA is the only engineering field I know with so many buzzwords, it is important for each team/company/project to create a glossary at the beginning of working. This is in my experience the only steady solution for misunderstandings.


I'm hoping that a junior QA reading this can read in my bio that I'm not a QA person, and has the wherewithal to read critically and understand that this is not a comprehensive overview of the entire field! I think I make it pretty clear up top in the article that this is a broad overview from a dev perspective, but if you disagree let me know where I could try to highlight that this is nowhere near the end of testing education :)


Hmm. Why are you scared for junior QAs reading this article?

This article provides a general overview very useful for devs, but is it not the same for QAs?

In case the concepts are wrong, it would be great if you can share some links with starting points for QAs.

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