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Discussion on: Browser, DOM, JavaScript. Everything you need to know to build effective web-apps. Part two - DOM.

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Habdul Hazeez • Edited on

First, if I could like your comment like a million times trust me I will.

Second from your comment:

I feel like most people don't understand how the DOM works because they don't have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of data structures, memory allocation

Most "modern frontend developers" (at least the ones that are vocal online) will likely frown on any frontend developer that says: I want to learn algorithms and data structure. And some will argue with you that "What is the necessity of knowing data structures as a frontend developer?"

With the following comment, I am glad it is changing:

Currently, I’m trying to learn about data structures. I’ve been working four years. I’m still not good at algorithms and data structures.

And this:

Every time I tell someone I would like to learn them they look at me very strange: in my eyes this is a sign they're serious business :).

Then this:

Same here bro, I also want to refresh in data structures and algorithms, when I started working as a dev, I already forgot to practice/using it in some situations because of using frameworks and libraries in development, etc.

Then you said this:

People just take for granted that the browser works but someone had to design the data structure for an Element node, etc.

Big time.

Finally, thank you for the history lesson. I learned a lot.

As a closing note you said this:

Maybe you could create a Part 2 where you a bigger deep-dive into how DOM nodes are constructed behind the scenes in the underlying C/C++ code of the web browser (e.g. the data structures used by the web browser).

If the author is not chanced to write about it. Please, do. I'll be glad to read it.

Have a nice day.

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Dmitry Shatokhin Author

Okay, maybe I'll write about it.