Discussion on: A Beginners guide to the DEV editor

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Habdul Hazeez Author

I have not tried that before, I'll advise that upload to a video platform that DEV supports like Youtube or Vimeo then you can embed it in your post.

DEV allow you to upload video, like I said earlier I have not used or tried this feature before. Here is the process:

  • Navigate to your dashboard and click Upload Video button:
    DEV upload video button

  • This will bring up another interface that will allow you to select and upload a video from your computer
    DEV upload video interface

Then how can you embed it in your post? I don't know, but I'll find out.

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Keshar Wakharkar

Thanks, I have uploaded the video according to the aforementioned steps. Waiting for the further steps on adding the video to a post. Thank you!