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Discussion on: The complete guide to setup a CI/CD for Rails 6+ on Gitlab

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CHADDA Chakib Author

Are you sure that your system test is trying to connect with the remote chrome hosted inside the selenium container.

I think your issue is that the tests is trying to run in the local container and gets this error because there is no chrome installed in the build container.

Make sure that is used

 driver_options[:url] = ENV['selenium_remote_url'] if ENV['selenium_remote_url']
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My application_system_test_case.rb looks like this:

require "test_helper"
require "socket"

def prepare_options
  driver_options = {
    desired_capabilities: {
      chromeOptions: {
        args: %w[headless disable-gpu disable-dev-shm-usage] # preserve memory & cpu consumption

  driver_options[:url] = ENV["selenium_remote_url"] if ENV["selenium_remote_url"]


class ApplicationSystemTestCase < ActionDispatch::SystemTestCase
  driven_by :selenium, using: :chrome, screen_size: [1400, 1400], options: prepare_options

And within the configure block ofconfig/environments/test.rb I have:

  net = Socket.ip_address_list.detect{|addr| addr.ipv4_private? }
  ip = net.nil? ? 'localhost' : net.ip_address
  config.domain = ip
  config.action_mailer.default_url_options = { :host => config.domain }

  Capybara.server_port = 8200
  Capybara.server_host = ip