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Discussion on: I'm building a programming language

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Harvey Thompson

Lisp is an excellent choice for learning about building programming languages. LLVM is another excellent choice for doing a lot of the tricky backend stuff for free so you can concentrate on other things. Lisp also is much easier to follow the lower path in that diagram. Welcome to the land of designing and building programming languages!

One challenge for you with your Lisp - how few data types and functions in the Lisp language you're building can you get away with and still have something useful? Technically speaking I think the answer is one (see lambda calculus), but practically I think somewhere in the range 10 to 15. Another one is how small can you make the first program? I think somewhere around 100 to 200 lines?

A gem of a book, not well know, that you may be interested in:

Although this discusses how to build interpreters, it was the book that inspired me to get into this field as a hobby/side-project ... well... a long time ago.

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Syed Faraaz Ahmad Author

This is amazing! Thanks a bunch!