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Extreme programming Principles

Principles of Extreme Programming XP

Xp is based on a set of proven practices that are all designed to work together, although many folks do pick and choose, and adopt only a portion of XP's rules

Here are a few practices.

  • Make small, but frequent releases.
  • Develop in iteration cycles and not in big-bang models
  • Don't put anything that is not in the spec, no matter how tempted you to put in functionality for the future.
  • Write the test code first
  • No killer schedules, work regular hours
  • Refactor (improve the code) whenever and wherever you notice the opportunity
  • Don't release anything until it passes all tests
  • Set realistic schedules, based around small releases.
  • Keep it simple
  • Program in pairs, and move people around so that everybody knows pretty much everything about code.

Adapted from the book Headfirst Java

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