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My simple SEO notes

I learned the SEO basic in this last month, and now share for you this:

1-Tag Title | Learning SEO basics

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Very important, your website need a format Title structure.
When you search in google, in the results you look the first words of title you must between these formats:

Format 1: | Theme of this particular page

Format 2: Theme of this particular page |

For example, all website contains these pages: Index, contact.html, services.html, etc. Your title tag: | Home, MyDomain | Contact, MyDomain | Services

Now, in your index, maybe you have a scroll page with services section, product section, whatever section. Your best title tag:

Format 1: domain | theme | [your principal service], [your best awesome product] and [another secondary product or service]

Format 2: theme | domain

[your principal service], [your best awesome product] and [another secondary product or service] | MyDomain

Tips: No more than 70 words.

2-Meta keywords | Learning SEO basics

This meta no are important factor of SEO, but you can include 3 or 4 tags per page, my recommendation: Your meta keywords are the page contain

The meta tag:
meta name="keywords" content="seo,tips,themoreawesomeproduct,theawesomeservice"

Tips: Use 4-8 keywords for this tag, your keywords are the words in your website.

3- H1 tag | Learning SEO basics

if you are not a webdesigner, or your boss says : "I need a awesome ultra design website"...
i believe this for next tips: SEO is proportionally inverse to design.
Be smart, with your designer skills and many ideas.

Include in your theme h1 tag, the same words in

tag, you can omit the domain in your h1 tag, but if you can add this, great!

Try to make your h1 tags look pretty.

Tips: Use same words in title

4- Use hierarchy | Learning SEO basics

Use your h2 after h1; h3 after h2 and repeat.
For example:
h1 Same keywords of title/h1
h2 The keyword 1 /h2
p Is the best keyword for you /p
or maybe no /small

Tips:respect the hierachy

5- Use internals links | Learning SEO basics

You can redirect between pages of your website, the links help to index your web page, --when you make lists in C --.

Tips: Use Breadcrums.

6- Use Favicon | Learning SEO basics

Use favicon.ico is one important tip for SEO. Very Important!!!

7- Use SSL | Learning SEO basics

This should be tip number 1; you page need SSL certificate and, redirect to https always for; and

Tips: Let's Encrypt is a fast free way.

8- Use alt for your images | Learning SEO basics

I know it seems unnecessary, but... is real xD. For per image tag, include your alt.

9- Use social media | Learning SEO basics

Include your social links icons: Facebook, twitter , youtube, G+. all pages!

10- Images scaling | Learning SEO basics

If your framework scale your images, you need limit the resolution of this, maybe your website no are for SmartTv or Stadium Tv.

11- Sitemap and Robots.txt | Learning SEO basics

Add in your Webhosting the robots.txt, is a simple text file, and the Sitemap in the Robots.txt

12- Add your contact email | Learning SEO basics

Add your in all pages

These are simple tips, maybe you know more, share your tips and get SEO :)

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