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Bored? 🙄 see what you can do now

abdelrahmanahmed profile image Wahdan ・1 min read

Hello World,

We have made a small funny game to see what you can do now. You can try it here .

Note: the content needs more of your contribution.


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darlex256 profile image

I like this concept a lot, i just think some stuff should change
Like, when you press the random button several times, there is a big probability that the next thing is going to be the exact thing as before.
Example: "Connect 4 > Uno > Connect 4 > Connect 4"
Also, the webpage's design looks designed for vertical screens and it doesnt looks very responsive with horizontal ones. That was it.
I hope this projects grows and it becomes better and better every release!

abdelrahmanahmed profile image
Wahdan Author

Hey Dario, Regarding Design, this is in progress currently and i will fix it . For the probability scenario i agreed with you, it need to be enhanced.

Thanks for your review

abdurrkhalid333 profile image
Abdur Rehman Khalid

Nice Practice Project as a Ruby on Rails Developer, But please add some more pictures and suggestions because of the choice and low number of pictures as well.

abdelrahmanahmed profile image
Wahdan Author

Agreed, any contribution are more than welcome 😁