A Paint App In 25 Written Js Lines

Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer on February 16, 2019

A paint app easily, using p5js. And some p5js info in case you are new to it! Explaining The Title Well why i put written ? Simply ... [Read Full]
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Great program in such a small amount of code! What would be nicer is to have less lag when drawing stuff! Maybe make it so that there is a line connecting the dots so if you draw really fast it still looks okay.


you can do it with line(prevMouseX, prevMouseY, mouseX, mouseY)


Thanks, thank you Abdur. I liked the simplicity, I wanted to make a paint app with a storage wall-kind of sql which will show what kind of stuff users made and I saw in your post what I wanted.


glad you liked it. ah that's a nice idea! if i remember i'll do a follow up post to add some functionalities to it.


It's 100% great now, just for you to know. I wouldn't even bother :)

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