Adminer! A useful and very simple alternative to PhpMyAdmin

Anderson Brandão on October 02, 2017

I had some... issues with phpmyadmin. This was a good oportunity to look for an alternative. After trying out some options, luckily I found the A... [Read Full]
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as i am not a great fan of these tools, i would like to point out some alternatives. Sequel Pro if you are using a mac or HeidiSQL on windows (with wine on mac and linux too) or multi platform MySQL Workbench.

These tools are available for free and offer all the functionality you need. You can use SSH connections to connect to remote hosts and you wont compromise your server (or dev machine) when there is a security issue.


I agree. There is most powerfull tools. I am not using Adminer on production. I like Adminer so much just because it's a single file with all resources I need.


And nothing wrong with it. I wanted to add a word of caution because i've seen these things in production myself. And it didn't end well. So if it works for you great ;) And i can totally relate to a configuration fatigue. The easier a tool is to use the better for us!


Wait PhpMyAdmin is not simple? I think by using it for so long I got used to it.

Anyway another simple alternative are the official tools


I didn't say PhpMyAdmin is not simple. I just show a very(dont need to install) simple alternative.

Thanks for comment.


Adminer is way simpler indeed, but because it removes many the functionalities and settings, but is more versatile.

Anyway I use and recommend using docker for development environments, for many obvious reasons.

docker run --name myadmin -d -e PMA_HOST=dbhost -p 8080:80 phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin
docker run --link some_database:db -p 8080:8080 adminer

So simple to get it working. I use it with postgresql and I just love it.


I use adminer every day. I like it because it’s only one php file and easy to use with the php builtin server


Adminer is just great. Less hassle to install and supports everything you need. Except you need some heavy duty things.

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