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Top 40 list of interesting website features

This is by no means the minimum viable product. Oh man am I going to struggle to get 40! This list isn't really in any particular order, and Here goes nothing.


πŸ’ Great and inclusive UX which puts nobody first
βœ’οΈ Engaging content led design
⛑️ Practical design
πŸ“± Mobile first RWD
🐘 Support for large media
🐜 Support for teeny tiny devices
πŸ‘» Serverless
πŸ’Έ Use Sass
πŸ¦„ 100% code coverage
πŸ₯‹ TDD of decent tests that actually test things


πŸ•ŠοΈ Targeted contact and social (not all of them)
πŸ¦– (appears) Fast to load, fast to paint.
🐌 No god damn carousels (stop moving!)
🌡 Secure, not prone to attacks
🌊 Architecture is simple as it can be
πŸŒ“ Night mode, evening mode, Day mode, morning mode
πŸ‘” Forms that are clever and models that are dumb
πŸ“ Client side storage, I'm talking indexdb
🍨 Any JavaScript renderer, they are ALL good
⛓️ Blockchain based web, (IPFS)


🀸 UI uses devices sensors
πŸ‘‰ Left hand support
πŸ‘ˆ Right hand support
πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ Look ma, no hands support
🌏 Knows where you live
🌬️ Knows the weather where you are
😩 Knows how you feel
πŸ€– Uses AI for good not eval
🐬 Uses Bluetooth for some reason
🏝️ Works offline


🐎 Tastefully subtle animation
πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Multilingual international
✊ Multi touch UI
🎬 Original media
β˜• No jokes about how much coffee you drink
πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ¨ 3D art
πŸ” The best search ever (if needed!)
βž• Small Ads
πŸ’³ That thing where you scan your card
☎️ Send SMS and format SMS from phone

Can you think of more? I want to do another this was fun!

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mateiadrielrafael profile image
Matei Adriel

U have a typo: "eavl" should be "evil"

Cool concept anyways:)

adam_cyclones profile image
Adam Crockett

Eval is correct, it's a play on words and reference to the evaluation function in JavaScript which is notoriously evil.

mateiadrielrafael profile image
Matei Adriel • Edited

Oh, didnt notice the pun:)