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Increase your productivity while washing hands with this WebDev Podcasts List πŸ€˜πŸš€πŸ€˜

Spotify for developers title.

Following this post, you'll find a full list of web development, software engineering podcasts (you name it, I'll have it πŸ˜‰) I listen to on regular basics. Right now I'm mainly keeping eye on front end content but I'm also into AI, microcontrollers, tech startups. As a Polish person in my mind and in my blood, πŸ”₯ I've also decided to put some Polish Podcast Influencers focused in this particular area of the topic for everyone interested. The podcasts are listed in my subjective order starting from the one I'm looking forward to the most.


by Scott Tolinski and Wes Bos

Syntax content title.

Syntax can be defined as a set of rules, principles, and processes that preside over the structuring of sentences in any given language...Oh...Say Wat?! Ok, back on the topic. πŸ˜… In my opinion, it is one of the best podcast resource out there produced by Web Bos and Scott Tolinski. You'll find there all the basics you need to surround yourself with web development news, feeds, best practices and fundamentals.

Check out β–Ά Syntax on Spotify
Head over to β–Ά Syntax Website
Strongly recommended episode β–Ά Advice For Beginners - Tech Skills, Applying for Jobs, Focus, Imposter Syndrome + More

React Podcast

by Michael Chan

React Podcast content title.

Although the content of this podcast is mainly focused you've guessed it - on React.js library - the topics covered diving deep into software architecture and broadly described developers routine activities.

Check out β–Ά React Podcast on Spotify
Head over to β–Ά React Podcast Website
Strongly recommended episode β–Ά Break In with Scott Tolinski

JavaScript Jabber


JavaScript Jabber content title.

Javascript Jabber is a weekly podcast about JavaScript, including Node.js, Front-End Technologies, Careers, Teams and more. There are always a couple of people discussing the specific area of Web Development, including interviews with experienced developers.

Check out β–Ά JavaScript Jabber on Spotify
Head over to β–Ά JavaScript Jabber on
Strongly recommended episode β–Ά The Evolution of JavaScript

Allegro Podcast

by Allegro Tech

Allegro Tech Podcast content title.

For all of you interested in the biggest e-commerce company in Poland (one of the biggest in Europe) from the tech standpoint. Developed and managed by hundreds of people this transaction platform is consistently growing in terms of best practices providing the best quality customer service.

Check out β–Ά Allegro Podcast
Head over to β–Ά Allegro Tech Website
Strongly recommended episode β–Ά Infrastructure for 1000 microservices in Allegro

Artificial Intelligence: AI Podcast

by Lex Friedman

Artificial Intelligence content title.

Artificial Intelligence podcast (AI podcast) is a series of conversations about technology, science, and the human condition hosted by Lex Fridman. Author of this podcast is open-minded and host interviews with extreme professionalism.

Check out β–Ά Artificial Intelligence(AI + Lex) on Spotify
Head over to β–Ά Lex Friedman Website
Strongly recommended episode β–Ά Elon Musk: Neuralink, AI, Autopilot, and the Pale Blue Dot

Porozmawiajmy o IT

by Krzysztof KempiΕ„ski

Porozmawiajmy o IT content title.

First from the list fully hosted in polish language podcast which I highly encourage you to check out - either if you fully understand the language or you're interested in jumping into it in this topic area. The high percentage of episodes is focused on intervening experienced people from the not only Front-End but also Back-End Technologies, Machine Learning and workflows in known companies.

Head over to β–Ά Porozmawiajmy o IT Website
Check out β–Ά Porozmawiajmy o IT on Spotify
Strongly recommended episode β–Ά Full stack developer


by Maciej Aniserowicz

DevTalk content title.

Maciej Aniserwicz is a well-known figure in technology architecture, web development area. The host of the 13-weeks practical front end programme in which I've had a pleasure to participate. He also has a youtube channel - Maciej Aniserowicz - where you can find helpful content about day to day life as a software developer, entrepreneur, husband and father.

Head over to β–Ά DevTalk Website
Check out β–Ά DevTalk on Spotify
Strongly recommended episode β–Ά TypeScript with Tomasz Ducin

DVLPR-WNBE - Developer Wannabe

by JΔ™drzej Paulus

Developer Wannabe content title.

JΔ™drzej is a podcast producer whose main goal is to learn from experienced developers by interviews with them and create a strong community of people who wannabe software developers.

Check out β–Ά DVLPR-WNBE on Spotify
Head over to β–Ά DVLPR-WNBE on
Strongly recommended episode β–Ά React is awesome! Really?

That's it for now, my dear readers! I encourage you to share your thoughts on these listed podcasts with me in the comments area below. Also, don't hesitate to update this list with your strong recommendations. πŸ˜€
This is my first post on this platform. I'll try to make it my routine habit at least once a week. πŸ’ͺ

In a week I'm starting my new job as a software engineer in the e-commerce company. Let me know if want to follow my journey and hear more from my extending experience on this path! πŸ±β€πŸπŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“

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