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re: That is definitely a nice feature! But I will be sticking with Google because it knows me. Some say that is creepy, I say it is handy. For example...

When I type "how to write to a file" I got the same java result but I don't use java.


True for me as well: the first hit is for python (my language of preference), but then they are all Java (which I don't use). Seems like this specific query has a lot of clicks for java, which makes this specific example not so useful.

However, I have felt how Google uses my search history for better results during my queries, so I still agree it is a behavior that I find convenient.

I realized after posting this that Java is a bad example since it is so popular. But there was a time where I primarily used Scala and generic queries quickly brought me to Scala results so Google is definitely trying to figure it out.

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