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Announcing the third iteration of Front End News

adriansandu profile image Adrian Sandu ・2 min read

Hello everyone and welcome back to Front End News, the third edition. Several weeks ago I announced taking a break while I prepared an updated, better version. Well, we're almost there, for the first iteration of this season will roll out next week.

As you might know already (or not), Front End News is a weekly selection of carefully curated news from the web industry, major software updates and releases, and other useful information. You can get a taste of what I have in store from you by checking the previous editions hosted here on Dev.to: Season 2 and Season 1.

There is one major change in this latest iteration, namely the distribution method. For the first time, this will be a true newsletter, so the fastest way to get the news is to receive them directly in your inbox, every Monday. A web version will also be syndicated here, as before, but with a delay of a day or two.

Subscribe to the Front End News newsletter

To subscribe, all you have to do is head out to the brand new Front End Nexus website, drop your email address in the form on the homepage, and click on the link in the confirmation email. That's it! Or follow the link below. It leads to the same place.

Click here to subscribe to the newsletter

Further updates and notifications will be distributed via the Front End Nexus Twitter account @frontendnexus, so you should also head there and drop a follow.

Thanks a million for being with me all this time and I am looking forward to getting in touch with you again soon with this upcoming relaunch.

Have a great and productive week, keep yourselves safe and I will see you next time!

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