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React Native Firebase Analytics

React Native Firebase Analytics connects our mobile application to Google Analytics through Firebase. It's a great way to get real-time tracking on what's happening inside our application to capture how it is being used and if there are any bugs.

In this part, we use the @react-native-firebase package to get our analytics up and running for both iOS and Android in React Native. We cover a few topics including:

  • Installing @react-native-firebase/anlaytics
  • Setting it up for Android and iOS
  • Accessing Firebase Analytics Console to see real-time statistics
  • Accessing Google Analytics through Firebase for more statistics
  • Creating custom event logging using commands like logEvent
  • Setting tracking on userID with the analytics functions
  • Capturing more detailed properties against users for later use

This video is a series about learning to use Firebase with React Native. In order to do this step, you will need to have completed the previous video found here:
Youtube: React Native Firebase Installation

For those who already have react native firebase installed, the analytics package can be added quite quickly by only running three simple commands:

# Install & setup the app module
yarn add @react-native-firebase/app

# Install the analytics module
yarn add @react-native-firebase/analytics

# If you're developing your app using iOS, run this command
cd ios/ && pod install

Here is a preview of what you will end up seeing in Firebase Analytics:

React Native Firebase Analytics by Adrian Twarog

This video can also be found on Youtube:

The series will be a playlist you can find here:

Be aware that the project itself has undergone a major upgrade. The new version can be found here:

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