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GraphQL queries easy again - Welcome GraphQL Zeus

Today I released GraphQL Zeus library. It provides generated strongly typed libraries for GraphQL endpoints. So you don't have wonder what's wrong in your query - you can just use autocomplete from the generated library.

It is very complicated in case of Generics in TypeScript.

You can see a working example on my repo. If you have any comments or feature requests write here/ on GitHub.

How to use it?

$ zeus ./generated
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Just provide GraphQL endpoint or file and it will generate lib in desired location.

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GraphQL client and GraphQL code generator with GraphQL autocomplete library generation ⚡⚡⚡ for browser,nodejs and react native

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GraphQL Zeus creates autocomplete client library for JavaScript or TypeScript which provides autocompletion for strongly typed queries.

From version 2.0 Zeus support mapped types !!!

Supported Languages:

  • Javascript
    • Browser
    • NodeJS
    • React Native
  • TypeScript
    • Browser
    • NodeJS
    • React Native

How it works

Given the following schema Olympus Cards

Table of contents



How to use

Main usage of graphql zeus should be as a CLI.


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