As a motive to improve my GPA, I built a GPA calculator

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So my university is called Helwan, we sometimes joke about it and call it Hellwan as the weather is just hot as Phoenix, AZ in a hot summer - except in Hellwan it's like that all year but January.


Here is the demo

The Repository

GitHub logo Ahmeed2m / helwan-gpa

Progressive Web App to calculate GPA for Computer Science, Helwan University (FCAIH)

How I built it

I built it using a new (amazing) technology I've just learned last year, ReactJS. And as I learn more and more into react I feel like this project evolves with me along the way.

The GitHub Student Developer pack enabled me to improve my ReactJS and JavaScript skills a lot with all the awesome services GitHub offers. I've used FrontendMasters access from the pack to learn something new everyday!

Another thing that enabled me to show case the project is the Github Pro access within the pack. I used github pages to host my React application in more than one project. It's so amazing. And I'm planning to use and learn more services that are being improved everyday from the github team like GitHub Actions. I've been looking for a simpler way to do CI and GH has the answer for that too, just like it has for everything a developer needs.

Why I built the app?

My gpa grade was B+ last year and so close to be an A so I figured I should simulate future semesters and see how much of a grind I need to pull off to make it happen. (On a side note, if all things go alright I will be graduating with an A this semester, yay!)
While there are many GPA calculators out there and I could have used one of them, but where's the fun in that? specially that I was learning reactJS at the time so it was the perfect opportunity to build one.


With GitHub and the opensource community I'm literally learning something new and cool everyday. I see new approaches to solve problems. I can see how software engineering is done in some amazing companies and learn from it to improve my practices.

So I would like to thank all the folks over at GitHub for bringing us this amazing platform.


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