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Best Way To Create Config Files

Hello folks! I made a config language 3 days ago to solve other language's problems. Now i wanted to share with you.



JSON is the most popular language to create configs. But JSON is not modern for 2021.

  • No Comment Support
  • Bad Syntax


TOML is another new config language and used by rust's cargo today. TOML solves some problems that JSON has but its still not simple to write.


YAML has same problems that TOML gives, not simple and fast to write.


Everyone knows XML sucks for 2021.


And snug... Snug is created for write fast and simple configs with flexible syntax. For example:

num 1 str "Hello, World!"
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Lets convert this to the JSON:

{"num": 1, "str": "Hello, World!"}
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This is a valid snug file but it looks bad right? Let's fix the syntax:

# This is a simple comment, comments are starting with a hashtag and continues until next hashtag. #

num 1
str "Hello, World!"
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Say goodbye to indentation syntax, semicolons and if you want to write worst syntax, new lines.

Snug also supports object and arrays. Time to give a complex example:

# This is a comment! #
title "Hello World"
views 4826
is-public yes
owners ["User1" "User2"] # This is an array. #

(content # This is an object. #
text "Hello everyone, how are you?"
sha256-hash "0cfb86e2b382029d9c7ee32e98f855c1e870b688766da19caee32122894db03b"
color 12648430)

allow-edit no
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Snug has language support problem right now. Only supports Vanilla JavaScript and Python3 (28/11/2021) for now. For contributing to this project, You can create snug libraries for other languages. Also after publishing your library, You can create merge request on GitLab repository to add your library to libraries list.

Click for snug libraries.

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