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Discussion on: SHE CAN CODE!

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Radus28 Software Solutions • Edited on

Those 3 points you put from the 2 gentlemen are probably 2 decades older. I believe things have changed much. Anyway, my feeling is why women are still taking those points/hints too serious and reluctant to come out of the barriers. I know it discourages them serious. But that is the challenge here. They should find positive and ideal way/s to break the barriers. You, that means women, are the right people to do, not men.

You remember there are plenty of men, who supports and appreciate women who are taking responsibilities. They need not to be male feminist. But I strongly believe, You, that means women, are the right people to find ways. Here are few points to achieve

  1. Prove the skills
  2. Show the out-come
  3. Take all those barriers as challenges
  4. Women should be the right people to find out alternatives to physical barriers.
  5. This is not only mens's world, its a world for men and women.
  6. Think, each recognition you are getting is not only a step in your life, you are building steps to next generation too.

Everyone will start to appreciate you slowly :)

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Brenda Limón Author

I believe the mindset of each person is according to the social environment, their personality and ambition to make in any way a better place for all of us, men and women. As I told Ben, I’ll consider my studies and goals as something I wanna do for myself, not because someone told me I can’t. Each step closer to my goal will make the difference, as you said, but this, like everything, it’s a team work, or at least that’s what I think so.
Thanks a lot!

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Jason R Tibbetts

Those 3 points you put from the 2 gentlemen are probably 2 decades older.

Please don't ascribe it to their age. I'm a man, and I'm almost certainly 2 decades older than Ms. Zam, yet I can't think of a single time that I've doubted a woman's ability to do the same work that men can in this field. I'd be a hypocrite if I ever did, seeing as how my mother was a software developer for 30 years, and my CS graduate adviser, most of my bosses, and many coworkers were (are) women.