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Is knowing how to use Docker a prerequisite to becoming a Senior Software Developer?

Alec Brunelle on January 22, 2020

Just a question I think needs some discussion. I know titles in software dev are pretty much out the window at this point, but was curious on the communities thoughts.

Is knowing what containers are and how to use them necessary in 2020? Docker specifically?

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Nowadays, when there are as many technologies as different types of workflows in organizations, it's almost guaranteed you will not be familiar with some technology 'X' particular company uses as part of their stack.

So, it's not always about knowing the 'X', but how fast you can pick up the 'X'.


I think the best approach is knowing about the "container paradigm" and what kind of problem they suppose to solve.

Know some options, for instance, Docker, Kubernetes and even VirtualBox is a great way to keep track about this topic and keep your "senior title" safe.


Knowing a little about all of the tools could be argued is better than knowing a lot about just one!


I would recommend understanding containerization at a high level and knowing some basic docker commands if you are a software developer. If you work in devOps then you must know docker.

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