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The Big List of Free Pluralsight Courses for Developers

One of the most important aspects of being a software developer is the ability to learn new skills quickly. Our industry is moving so quickly you have to keep learning new technologies so your skills don’t get old. So why not watch free pluralsight courses to improve your skills.

There are many great resources online for learning new skills but I have found Pluralsight to have the largest collection of quality videos out there. Most of the courses on Pluralsight are many hours long and made by well-known developers such as Scott Allen, Troy Hunt, Scott Hanselman and Jon Skeet.

I should point out this isn’t a promotional post for Pluralsight, I am just a happy customer.

What is a little less known about Pluralsight is that there many courses that are free to watch without an account. Here is a list of all the free Pluralsight courses I have found that would be useful for developers.

Free PluralSight Courses



Beginner Programming





Social Media

Visual Studio


Windows Azure

More PluralSight Free Courses

Did you know, if you have an MSDN Subscription you can get either 15 or 30 free courses depending on your subscription? Microsoft has got a complete list of the free courses on their website.

If this post has been useful or you discover some other free courses on Pluralsight please leave a comment below.

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