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2020 - Free Resources for Learning Web Development

With a new year comes many new hearts and minds that will be captivated with the idea of web development as a career or hobby. With so many resources to learn web development what are some free resources you can use?

This website is actually my final project for the Bootcamp I did with General Assembly in 2019. At this website, you can find a growing slack community filled with aspiring web developers providing each other with advice and moral support, a directory of instructional videos I've created for different languages and frameworks and a modest blogging/todo list platform if you sign up for a free account.

Check it out if at least for the instructional video directory.


Of course, there is my podcast, Web Dev 101, but there are several other great podcasts to help you stay in the development loop such as HTML all the Things and Syntax.


Some of the best channels when it comes to web development include Travery Media, Academind, Web Dev Simplified, Fireship (subscribe to my youtube channel too, AlexMercedCoder). These channels help get started in almost any technology with ease.

What other resources do you recommend? Leave a comment.

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