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Deploying Cloudflare Workers to create serverless function

So after a few months of procrastinating, we finally created a blog site that we planned initially to create last year. We know this blog is not perfect yet, but we plan to upgrade and update it over time.

Let us talk about the tech stack we used and why we chose it over other options. For this blog, we are using a service from Google called Firebase. Firebase is a BaaS(Backend as a service) like AWS(Amazon Web Service) Amplify. We are using Firebase because we want to speed up the development process, and we do not want to create a backend from scratch.

Nevertheless, there are a few drawbacks of using Firebase, such as:

  • Firebase comes with a No-SQL database(Firestore)

  • Cannot run a complex query on Firestore

  • vendor lock by Google

For the future, we are planning to use the Supabase to replace Firebase

Since we are using Firestore from Firebase as our database, there is a limit of up to 1Mb for each document. Because of that, we have used Notion for our Content Management System and store all of our blog content there.

There are many frameworks to develop a web app for the front end, but we are using Nextjs from Vercel because of their server-side rendering function. Compared to the usual Create React App, the page will be rendered at the server during runtime, making our Blog site SEO friendly.

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